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More than 40 years of legal experience

Every client is entitled to an honest evaluation of their particular case followed by recommendations as to an best course of action which are calculated to achieve, if possible, the client's reasonable expectations. This should offered by a person responsive to the client's needs and concerns.

In accomplishing this objective I draw upon more than 40 years of legal, business and practical experience that includes extensive litigation experience. Litigation experience is important because when all else fails litigation is the last resort which the client should be prepared for to accomplish the desired result. My extensive background in law and business enables me to identify the real issues, assess the pertinent facts, both pro and con, and thereafter to apply the relevant law to the issues and the facts in order to provide the client with a realistic assessment of whether their goals and objectives are reasonably obtainable. This is all accomplished in a one on one environment where the client's important matters and concerns are dealt with directly by me and not by delegation to others.

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