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More than 40 years of legal experience

Wills and Estates

Representing heirs, beneficiaries and legatees who believe they have been improperly denied their rightful interests as the result of the fraud, undue influence or wrongful acts of others.

Personal Injury and Malpractice

Representing individuals who have suffered injury as the result of the negligence of others including motor vehicle negligence as well as negligence by medical or legal professionals who have caused the client physical or economic injury as the result of the professional’s failure to adhere to the reasonable standards of their profession. Provide the client will an honest assessment of the value of their claim after taking into account the risks and benefits of litigation if a settlement with the insurance company is not possible because of the unreasonableness of the adjuster.

Family Law Property Issues

Representing individuals in the protection of their non-marital property interests and in obtaining their equitable share of marital property accumulated during marriage. To accomplish this I draw upon by legal, business and accounting experience to identify and value marital and non-marital property to insure that the client receives their equitable share.


Assist clients in resolving a wide range of commercial issues from business organization to contract breaches that result in damages.

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